The Caleb Group

Who We Are

The Caleb Group is a nonprofit, faith-inspired affordable housing organization that creates residential communities that are attractive, well-managed, nurturing, and affordable for those of low to moderate income in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

What We Do

Caleb acquires, develops, preserves and manages housing communities. We strive to create positive, supportive, encouraging communities through the efforts of our Service Coordinators and the related programs and Community Opportunity Centers associated with each community. Community members are offered resources and programming that help to stabilize and improve their lives through our service coordination programs.

Events & Announcements

The Caleb Group Launches First-of-a-Kind Financial Savings and Coaching Programs for Low-Income Housing Residents The Caleb Group and Compass Working Capital launched a first-of-a-Kind program to serve as a pathway out of poverty for residents of affordable housing. Pilots programs are being run at Village Heights in Willimantic Connecticut and Pond View Village in Gloucester Massachusetts.

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